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Find the independence and financial opportunity you’ve been looking for as a PPLSI Associate.

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Achieve success on your own terms with PPLSI.

There is no better time than now to start living your best life with PPLSI. 

PPLSI offers motivated individuals a unique program designed to deliver their dreams. Start your own part-time business, and take control of your time. Over the last 50 years, people from every walk of life have joined our community and its mission to empower and protect. Are you ready to level up your life?

Begin your Better Life Today with PPLSI

PPLSI offers motivated individuals a unique program designed to deliver their dreams. Start your own part-time business, and take control of your time. Over the last 50 years, people from every walk of life have joined our community and its mission to empower and protect. Are you ready to level up your life?

  • You enroll LegalShield and IDShield Plans and earn a commission on every plan sold. Your commission rate increases as you protect more people.
  • As you bring associates on to your team and they begin enrolling plans, you earn override commissions on every plan your team sells.
  • When a member renews a plan that you or your team sold them, you earn residual income every month that membership remains active for LIFE! 
  • Our Performance Club pays you additional cash bonuses, travel rewards and other prizes when you and your team sell certain numbers of memberships during given time periods.
Tools for Your Business
Fast Start Training

Fast Start is an in depth, live training class designed to help you make your first sale and advance from Associate to Sr. Associate within 20 days of starting your business. Taught by PPLSI's best of the best, you can attend live classes in your local area or in an online classroom. Plus, you could earn a bonus when you level advance to Sr. Associate in your first 20 days!

LegalShield Advantage

Having a LegalShield Advantage subscription gives you access to state of the art marketing tools! Enjoy customizable marketing sites that are tailored to you as the selling associate. LegalShield Advantage also gives you access to an incredible customer relationship manager (CRM) tool, Prospect by PPLSI. And so much more! Plus, the first month is free when you become a LegalShield associate.    


LSEngage provides everything you need to run your business on the go. Track your activity and bonus program qualifications, easily communicate with your team using built-in messaging, and utilize the robust set of marketing and training resources. Stay plugged into everything happening at LegalShield by watching the monthly Communication Show. All from the LSEngage mobile app!

Prospect by PPLSI

Prospect by PPLSI is a robust customer relationship manager (CRM). Getting started is as simple as adding your contacts! Enjoy the experience of sending resources to your contacts through the easy-to-use mobile app. The platform does the work for you by tracking your prospects’ engagement, and allows you to focus on important things like scheduling follow-ups!

Local Events

When you become a PPLSI associate, you join a vibrant and dynamic community of like minded entrepreneurs. As part of the PPLSI family, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of weekly and monthly meetings in your local area designed to teach you the latest business building techniques, provide personal development, help you market to potential members and keep you motivated to reach your goals! 

Les services juridiques, la documentation et les services de protection d’identité sont fournis en anglais.

Get the LegalShield Advantage

For $24.95 you get everything you need to help kick-start your business with LegalShield Advantage!

LegalShield Advantage gives you:

  • Custom Marketing Website for personalized recruiting and sales
  • Access to Prospect by PPLSI
  • LSEngage: Customizable top-level statistical reporting to build and manage your business including a tool to visualize your organization
  • Eligibility to participate in our incredible incentive programs and promotions
  • Personal Zoom account (up to 100 participants) so that you can meet anytime with your team or prospects


Get your first month of LegalShield Advantage for free when you join today!

Profiles of Success

The LegalShield Profiles of Success is a long-standing tradition in our company, a means of both bestowing well-deserved recognition, and helping others build a powerful business of their own.


If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count! This is a philosophy that the Sardines live by. Tommy and Ingrid started their PPLSI...


After losing my job of nine years as a delivery driver, I learned that same week that I was a victim of identity theft. A friend shared the...


I want to start by “thanking” everyone at the Home Office, as you make my life in the field so much easier. Our product is best in class...


I was very blessed to earn a good income in corporate America sales and small business ownership, but it came at a huge cost. I was working...

Aaron B.
Virginia Member

I was working hard, more than 60-hour weeks, which meant very little family or personal time. Within five months of starting LegalShield, we decided to close our real estate team to focus on LegalShield full-time. There’s no better feeling than to be able to help protect and empower others, grow our business while also helping others grow their businesses and live our lives on our terms. All this, thanks to LegalShield.

Testimonials are from LegalShield members who may also be LegalShield independent associates. An associate is an independent contractor. The outcome and experience of any individual member will vary dependent on the facts and applicable law.

Your Earnings, Your Style

Sell LegalShield as a solo associate, or lead your own team. The flexibility of our sales model means however you choose to sell, you define your business opportunity.

Make Personal Sales

Associates usually start out by making sales on their own, and you’re welcome to remain a solo associate if that’s how you work best.

Put Together a Team

Once you have the hang of it, build out a team of associates that can help you obtain more commission.

Collect Residual Income

If you put in the hard work and follow the plan, you’ll not only earn commissions, but you will build a stream of residual income that can last your entire lifetime and open up a world of flexibility and freedom most only dream of.  

Modal Associate Startup Plan
Associate Start Up

LegalShield offers motivated individuals a unique program designed to deliver their dreams. Join our community and its mission to empower and protect by providing affordable legal access for all. Start your own part-time business, and take control of your future.

  • 1 month of LegalShield Advantage state of the art marketing tools
  • In-depth live training classes taught by LegalShield’s best of the best
  • Exclusive sales tools to build and manage your business on-the-go
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs to help you exceed your goals
Are you registering as an individual or a business?
Requirements for businesses.

Have you or someone who may write business under this Associate Agreement ever been convicted of a felony, had a professional license revoked or have unresolved pending arrests and/or charges?
See our requirements for associates.
Modal Business Builder Plan 2021

Start your own part-time business, and take control of your future.

$49.00 one-time fee
Modal Commercial Drivers Legal Plan

Provides representation and support for a multitude of commercial driving issues to help keep you protected and on the road.

  • Covers member & spouse
  • Traffic Accident Representation
  • Moving Violations Defense
Choose a Plan:
Modal IdShield Plan
IDShield Plan

Offering comprehensive identity theft monitoring and identity restoration services.

Choose a Plan:
Modal IDShield Business Plan
Modal Legalshield Plan
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Small Business Supplements:
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This plan does not cover publicly traded companies. Please call 1-855-387-6320 for more information