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When Mark Riches was introduced to PPLSI in 1994, he and his wife, Jennifer, had five children and were living in a small apartment. Mark was selling long-distance services, and they were in debt and falling behind on their monthly bills.

Today, they live on a 30-acre ranch complete with a two-acre lake where they enjoy fishing, gardening and spending time with their 10 children and 12 grandchildren.

“I was introduced to PPLSI while living in New Orleans,” Mark remembers. “What attracted me to the business was the ability to offer the membership as an employee benefit.”

The largest group sale Mark ever wrote was the State of Louisiana, which offered the LegalShield Membership as an employee benefit to more than 40,000 state employees. Mark says, “PPLSI gives me the ability to earn residual income from the memberships I have written. I am still earning residual income on some of the memberships I wrote more than 25 years ago! I’m also earning overrides because I eventually began recruiting people and building a team.”

Now, Mark says the best part of the PPLSI opportunity is the associates he’s recruited on his team. “I was excited about earning leveraged income and developing a team,” he states. “One of the greatest blessings of my business has been working with my mother and brother and some of my children. It’s great when you achieve personal success, but the greatest joy is seeing others whom you love and care about also realize success in their goals and dreams. Both my mother and brother are Ring Earners and Millionaire Club Members with PPLSI. I am proud of all the great individuals who are a part of our team. My personal goal is to develop more than 1,000 Executive Directors on my team in the next few years.”

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LegalShield offers motivated individuals a unique program designed to deliver their dreams. Join our community and its mission to empower and protect by providing affordable legal access for all. Start your own part-time business, and take control of your future.

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Start your own part-time business, and take control of your future.

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